Common Excuses Addicts Give to Avoid Treatment

 Drug addiction center plays quite an important role in treating people with addiction. One’s regular habit of consuming alcohol develops a relationship between the patient ad alcohol. Such a relationship becomes even more complicated over time. Everyone’s relationship with alcohol is different from others. Due to this reason why a common approach won’t work in this case. Several people are too addicted to alcohol that they start craving for it. Medical science considered alcohol addiction as an illness. Several medical institutions started coming with medical techniques to cope with this issue. Negative impressions about alcohol addicts have been quite prevalent from the very beginning. As people start treating the addicts quite differently, addicts develop quite a strong relationship with alcohol and detach from a major part of society. Alcohol becomes a major part of the life of those people.

As humans are filled with the mindset to have something in their lives. The things that we are attached to the most are more precious for us. Different people have different meanings of the bonds of and other things like this. Some people want to have a partner while others are more attached to their works. But there are some unfortunate situations when people don’t get what they want. This is the exact point where addiction enters into someone’s life. Treating addiction is a thing that requires too much attention to detail. It requires you to understand the nature of the relationship between the person and the alcohol. In some cases, people forcibly try to stop addiction, such a way of treatment worsens the case. In order to understand it, you need to be aware of the common excuses that the addicts give in order to avoid treatment.

Some of the very common excuses that the addicts give

Now that you are aware of the fundamentals, it is time to know about the common excuses. Such excuses of the addicts may confuse the ones who are treating them. Such an important piece of knowledge will help you understand whether the addict is telling the truth or he is giving an excuse. Let us take a look at these excuses:

My addiction is under control

This is the biggest reason that avoids people from getting treatment. Most addicts think that they are fine and their addiction is under control. Such people keep on repeating this statement about their control and ignore the effects of addiction. Due to this assumption, those people don’t realize the vulnerability of this situation. Some people can control their urge to consume alcohol but it is possible only if there is a company of an experienced person. It is almost impossible for a person to control his/her addiction on his own.

This denial is the very reason that avoids the addict from proceeding with rehab. Everyone who believes in this idea is almost unable to comprehend the lessons of rehab. The inception and development of this idea are highly dependent on the nature and behavior of the addict. Any person’s attachment to alcohol is based on his taste and preference. They consume alcohol based on their requirement which becomes a compulsion after some time. In a situation like that, a statement like this acts as a defense mechanism for preventing any treatment.

I don’t have a problem

The biggest part of solving a problem lies in realizing that you have a problem. And this is where most addicts create a hurdle for the rehab specialists. This is the biggest device that addicts use in order to avoid treatment. If you want to solve a problem, you have to accept the existence of the problem. First, you need to have a look at the negative impacts of alcoholism. After you have understood the negative impacts of alcohol, you have to take a look at your situation. Consider the fact that you are unable to resist consuming alcohol.

There lies a problem behind this confusion that most people don’t understand. Several people don’t understand the right meaning of addiction. This is the reason why they don’t accept that they have a problem. You can treat such people by teaching them the right description of the word addiction or addict. Make that person familiar with the changes that occurred in the person after he got addicted. Once anyone becomes aware of it, he will be able to understand the negative impacts and the real meaning of addiction. Even if the addict believes he is under control, this realization is very helpful in recovery.

There is no need for treatment

A large number of people are not aware of the way addiction is treated. This unawareness leads to confusion and fear. It is quite obvious for anyone to fear the treatment techniques if he is not aware of the entire procedure and its effects. In most cases, patients didn’t trust the procedure and hence they were unable to fight their addiction. Such behavior is also categorized as a defense mechanism. When someone is addicted to alcohol or anything like that, they want to keep up with it as long as possible. Due to this desire, they want to disapprove of the effects of the rehab-like treatment for curing their addiction.

You can tackle this situation by explaining the positive effects of the treatment. Show them all the benefits that they can get from the treatment and let them realize the difference between their current life and the life after treatment. Show them some important data from the past and give them insight into the positive effects of the small steps of treatment. Though this process may take a bit of time and but it will help the addicts to incline towards treatment.

I am still better than many others

Many addicts try to prove that their situation is far better than others. This is yet another excuse to avoid treatment. The addicts try to say such things only because they don’t want to de-addict themselves. Knowing the fact from such people is a tricky task. A large number of addicts often have mood swings. This is the reason why they don’t hold on to what they say. They will agree with you on some matter and express disagreement on the same matter after a few moments. While talking to such people, you should pay proper attention to their behavior. Avoid getting carried away with what they say instead, you should focus on the extent of the delusion they have created to avoid addiction. In many cases, the situation gets worst if the doctor or the treatment staff starts working as per the direction of the addicts.

I have enough self-control to get out of this situation

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of people involved in addiction. Self-control is one of the trickiest things to have and it is lacking in most people. The problem is, people misinterpret the meaning of self-control. Even when they are able to control the most primitive habits, they start believing that they are highly self-controlled. Suppose you have self-control, you should know that it is not enough to help in de-addiction by yourself. It is a process where proper and precise guidance is needed at almost every step. If you are living at home and think that you can get through this process by merely controlling yourself, you are wrong. Too many complexities are involved and the person needs to be saved from surrounding and several other things that may act as trigger points.

We hope this article helped you in getting familiar with the concepts of the behavioral changes in alcohol addicts. If someone is facing this issue, you should not think that this issue can be tackled using normal techniques. You can find one of the best places for treatment by searching for rehab center India on any search engine.

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